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Welcome to our blog about contraception. Hope you learn from it.

Abstinence is when someone restraints from having any type sexual intercourse. They either want to wait until marriage of until they find the right person. 

Sperm are male reproductive cells. Sperm are inside semen. Sperm is ejaculated out of the penis during sexual intercourse and is usually a white or clear colour. 

A pregnancy test is a test you can do at home to see if you are pregnant. It works by detecting a certain hormone in the urine. 

The Pill is a tablet that a women takes to prevent getting pregnant. The pill contains 2 hormones, osetrogen and progestogen, these stop the women from ovulating. If you don’t ovulate you cant get pregnant. 

A female condom is worn by the female during sexual intercourse. Like the male condom it a rubber tube with 2 rings attached. It is inserted up the vagina to protect them from STI’s and from getting pregnant. 

Condoms are a thin rubber (normally latex) tube that covers the male’s penis during sexual intercourse.  It protects both the man and women from STI’s and also from getting pregnant.